Abilities are special attacks, martial arts techniques, and supernatural talents characters can wield in combat. There are no Skill checks or Characteristic rolls involved with activating powers, though Abilities that negatively impact other characters usual require the user to make a successful Accuracy check versus their target; otherwise, they work perfectly every time they are activated.

Abilities are separated into 2 categories: Martial Arts and Powers.

  • Martial Arts are combat techniques that augment the character's physical traits with training to move more efficiently. Martial Arts let characters strike targets harder, initiate and escape from grapples more effectively, trip enemies, and evade attacks more effectively.
    • Characters have a number of Basic Maneuvers they always have access to. These techniques come at no cost to the character and are usable whenever appropriate.
  • Powers are supernatural abilities and natural properties that allow them to perform tasks normal humans are incapable of. Powers aren't just offensive don't always require Actions to activate; defensive Powers like Armor and Damage Reduction protect the user from Damage, while movement abilities such as Run or Fly work whenever the character moves.
    • Unlike Martial Arts and other actions, powers consume Stamina when they are activated, and powers with prolonged durations reduce their user's Stamina for as long as they are active.

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