The character has learned how to infuse their martial art skills with supernatural energy, changing the attack from a physical attack into an energy attack. Game Masters may require the character to also take the Channeling before taking this Trait, as the character must reasonably know how to manipulate energy before using it to augment their physical techniques.

  • Benefit: When developing a martial arts technique, the character can choose to convert all damage dealt by the attack into an energy attack, meaning the damage now targets Energy Defense instead of Physical Defense. This benefit also applies to damage dice added the attack from Strength Dice and weapon damage
    • When a character with Adept decides to develop a new martial art, they must specify whether the new attack will target Physical or Energy defense; the character cannot switch between the two.
    • If the Game Master requires the character to take Channeling first, and the player chooses Psychic energy as their Power Source, they cannot convert the damage into a Mental Attack.

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