Arctic Creatures are those that live near the poles or similarly cold and snowy environments. These species develop thick fur and dense layers of fat to withstand the biting frost and learn to go weeks or month without stable access to food.

Characteristics Edit

Arctic creatures trend towards 2 extremes: they're either larger members of their species, or they're much smaller than their relatives from warmer climates. Either way, Arctic creatures need to be hardy to survive in the cold and agile to move around in the snow. These advantages come at the cost of personality and fine motor control; Arctic creatures prefer solitude, and the lack of foliage leaves few resources to build into tools.

  • Agility: +1. Maximum Cap: +2 to Agility Cap
  • Body: +2. Maximum Cap: +4 to Body Cap
  • Charisma: -2. Maximum Cap: -4 to Charisma Cap
  • Dexterity: -1. Maximum Cap: -2 to Dexterity Cap

Skills Edit

There aren't many land marks in cold plains to navigate with, so Arctic creatures need Tracking to move around without getting lost. Predators and prey alike benefit from Stealth; Predators need to sneak up on prey by blending in with the snow, and prey need to hide from predators by using camouflage. Perception is also helpful for making out creatures at a distance. Because there aren't many rock formations or tricky ledges to trip them up, Arctic creatures are lacking in Acrobatics.

  • Skill Bonus: +1d6 Tracking
  • Skill Penalty: -1d6 Acrobatics

Traits Edit

All Arctic creatures some with Terrain Mastery over their environment; snow is a difficult sort of terrain to move over, and predator and prey alike need to move quickly to survive. Many also get a second Terrain Mastery for aquatic environments, since life at the poles often means swimming through cold sea water and diving for food.

  • Bonus Trait: Terrain Mastery (Arctic)

Flaws Edit

Arctic creatures need to conserve energy to survive, since food is sparse in cold environments. This usually manifests as the character spending a much time as possible resting and looking for shortcuts.

  • Bonus Flaw: Sloth

Recommended Abilities Edit

Because a planet's poles are often covered in sea ice, Arctic creature benefit from Natural Swim powers so they're able to move around when summer comes and melts the ice, creating large spans of water creatures need to swim between; Extra Limbs used for gaining fins also helps for getting around in water. Run helps predators and prey alike outrun each other, and Enhanced Senses for targeting and penetrative smell will allow characters to smell potential food sources under the ice and snow.

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