Nothing can stop a physical powerhouse dead in their tracks quite like coming across an enemy they cannot see. Whether because the fighter is blinded or their opponent is naturally invisible, fighting someone a character cannot perceive is almost a guaranteed loss. This is why many martial arts attempt to hone their other senses, one of which is a sixth sense that alerts them to incoming danger and strike truly against unseen foes. This can never compensate for not being able to see, but it can give the warrior a fighting chance against invisible characters.

  • Benefit: If the character is attacked by someone they cannot perceive, the enemy doesn't receive an Advantage to hit their target, nor does the Blind-Fighting character suffer any penalties to dodge. Additionally, if the character has some way of telling what space their unseen target is, they can attack that target's space and suffer no Disadvantages to Accuracy checks for attacking an invisible target.
    • This Trait does not let the character know where the attack is coming from or precisely where they're hitting the opponent; all they know is the general direction from where they are being attacked and what part of the space the invisible target is most likely to be hit. If the Blind-Fighting character cannot tell where the invisible target is, they cannot reach out at random in the direction of the attack and strike at the unseen target with no penalty.
      • If combat is taking place on a grid or pre-drawn map, the character must know what hex or square the opponent is in order for their attack to hit.

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