Charges eliminate the penalties for Maintaining Powers by limiting the number of times per day they can be used.

  • Cost: See Table
  • Details: Instead of taking Stamina damage when activating a Power, characters can purchase Charges that limit the number of times the ability can be used. How much this Addition costs is dependent on how many times this Power can be used, and depending on the cost accepted, Charges can also be used as a Limitation.
Cost Consumable Charges Recoverable Charges 1 Turn Battery 1 Minute Battery 5 Minute Battery 1 Hour Battery
+1 TAP per 2 BP 48 12 36 24 12 6
+1 TAP per 3 BP 32 8 24 16 8 4
+1 TAP per 5 BP 24 6 18 12 6 3
No Cost 16 4 12 8 4 2
-1 TAP per 5 BP 12 3 9 6 3 1
-1 TAP per 3 BP 8 2 6 4 2 NA
-1 TAP per 2 BP 4 1 4 3 1 NA

Charges come in three varieties: Consumable Charges, Recoverable Charges, and Battery Charges.

  • Consumable charges define how often a Power can be used in 24 hours or an appropriate period of time determined by the Game Master. If their Power requires an Implement, characters can increase their number of Consumable Charges by half their total by splitting their maximum number of charges into two caches, each containing half of the Power's available charges. Replacing a spent cache requires 1 action on the character's Turn.
    • Example: Aran wants a Blast that's powered by Charges instead of paying Stamina to activate, but he wants to use more than 16 uses per day. He decides to use a wand as an Implement, allowing him to use up to 24 charges per day, split between 2 12-charge caches.
  • Recoverable Charges are used in one of two ways. Without an Implement, Recoverable Charges represent how often a character can use an ability during a single encounter, uses of which are regained when the character takes a short rest (see Gameplay). If the Power has an Accessible Implement, the character can regain the charge by moving to the space where the Power took effect.
    • Example: Aran wants his Charge-powered Blast to be reusable in case he's fighting enemies against whom this is his only effective attack, so he retools his Implement into 4 daggers that he can pick up after throwing.
  • Battery Charges only apply to Maintained Powers such as Armor and Strike. These Charges take the place of the Stamina cost for Maintaining Powers and replace it with a time limit during which the Power is active. Once it reaches the end of the Battery's duration, the Power deactivates and the character must spend another Charge to reactivate it.
    • Example: Willow has an Armor Power she wants to Maintain, but she doesn't want to spend Stamina Maintaining it, so she takes an Inaccessible Implement to act as a Battery and replace the Stamina for 5 minutes.

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