Charm represents the character skill in projecting their Charisma to make people like them.

  • Primary Characteristic: Charisma
  • Time to Perform: As part of an Interaction

Characters can attempt to make other people more friendly towards them using Charm, granting them Advantages or reduced Disadvantages on further Interaction Skill checks. Unless the person they're interacting with has the Naive flaw or has been given reason to like to character already, all persons are assumed to be indifferent towards each other. Depending on the result of the character's Charm roll, targets will move either up or down the following Attitude Chart:

Attitude Description Advantage/Disadvantage Difficulty to next stage
Worship The target is wholly devoted tot he character. +3d6 Advantage None
Love The target has a strong attachment to the character. +2d6 Advantage 35
Like The target is inclined to interact with the character. +1d6 Advantage 28
Indifferent The target has no strong feelings toward the character. No Advantage or Disadvantage 21
Dislike The target is in a poor mood around the character. -1d6 Disadvantage 28
Hatred The target despises the character. -2d6 Disadvantage 35
Hostile The target is inclined to assault the character -3d6 Disadvantage 42

The target's Attitude towards the Charming character is entirely based on their current mood; even someone who normally worships the character can turn Hostile if mistreated, lied to, or attacked. Additionally if the character fails their Charm check by 5 or more, the target's mood worsens by 1 step.

Game Masters should take the circumstances in which the character is interacting with the person they are attempting to charm into account when determining the Difficulty of the check.

  • Characters may receives Advantages for:
    • Charming characters who already have a positive opinion of them.
    • Giving their target a gift to the person they are attempting to Charm.
    • Delivering a sufficiently witty line or soliloquy, as ruled by the Game Master.
    • Playing appropriately to their target's Psychological Complications and Flaws
  • Character may receive Disadvantages for:
    • Charming targets currently assaulting them
    • Charming characters who already have a negative opinion of them
    • Not sharing a language with the person they are attempting to Charm
    • Playing inappropriately to their target's Psychological Complications and Flaws