Climb represents the character's talent for traversing various vertical surfaces and their ability to hang on to unstable surfaces.

  • Primary Characteristic: Agility
  • Time to Perform: As part of a Movement

When a character attempts to move up a wall, they must complete a Climb check with a Difficulty set depending on the circumstances of the climb.

Circumstances Difficulty
Climbing a 45 degree slope 7
Climbing a knotted rope 11
Climbing a 60 degree slope 14
Climbing a vertical surface with plenty of hand and foot holds 17
Climbing a vertical surface with few hand or foot holds 21
Climbing a surface with no hand or foot holds 35

If the target completes the Climb check, they may move up the surface at a quarter of their Run movement speed. They climb at half their Run movement if they exceed the check by 5, and they climb at their full Run by passing the check by 10. If a character fails their Climb check, they waste their movement and make no progress going up; if they fail the check by 5 or more, the character loses their grip and falls, taking damage according to their height. Circumstances can also grant Advantages or Disadvantages to the climbing conditions.

Characters may receive Advantages for:

  • Climbing with adequate gear
  • Having multiple limbs to help them climb

Characters may receive Disadvantages for:

  • Climbing a smooth surface
  • Climbing a wet surface
  • Climbing with a disabled limb