Deduction is a character's ability to assess a situation and come to a conclusion, useful for getting hints from the Game Master on how to proceed when they're lost or figuring out an enemy's strategy.

  • Primary Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Time to Perform: Instant

The character attempts to develop a gut feeling about situation, either discerning whether people are lying or gaining a hint from the Game Master in a situation in which they are stuck.

When using Deduction to discern lies, the character rolls their Deduction versus the suspected lair’s Bluff. If their total is higher than the Bluff check, they can tell if the character is telling the truth or not.

If using Deduction to develop a gut feeling about a situation, the Game Master sets a Difficulty for the player to roll against. If the player exceeds the Difficulty, the Game Master give the player a hint on how to proceed.

  • Deduction isn't meant to be a crutch when used to form gut opinions. Game Masters should not give any direct answers to players on how to solve puzzles or how to talk with other characters.

Deduction also acts as a counter to Tactics checks made for coordinated attacks against the character. When targeted by a coordinated attack, the defender makes a Deduction roll opposed to their attackers' Tactics rolls. If the defender can tell what kind of actions their attackers are making against them, either by hearing the verbal signal or reading their thoughts, they get an Advantage on the Deduction roll. If the attackers fail to pass the defender's Deduction, they get no benefit for coordinating their attacks. Defending themselves against such attacks requires no actions, but they must know the attacks are coming to begin with in order to counter the opponents' tactical assault.