Delayed Effect lets the character prepare a Power for use in advance.

  • Cost: 1 Total Active Point per 3 Base Points
  • Details: The character activates a Power, but chooses not have it take effect until they decide for it to. While Delaying a Maintained Power, the character takes the Accuracy and Dodge penalties and simply decides for it not to take effect. While Delaying an Instant Power, the character pays the Stamina cost and has to Maintain the Power for every round they hold the action for. Activating the Delayed Effect is a free action the character do at any time.
    • For Example: Willow has Telepathy Power, but wants to wait until she's in the most advantageous position possible before using it. She activates the Power before entering a conversation, Maintains the Power during the conversation, takes some using Charm to make her target more trusting of her, and then activates Telepathy to access the target's Hidden Thoughts during the conversation to know exactly what they are thinking.

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