Desert creatures specialize in traversing arid environments; dry scrub-lands and sand dunes both qualify. Living in hot conditions means learning to conserve water and shedding excess heat, making most desert dwellers smaller and less densely furred than creatures from other environments.

Characteristics Edit

Desert creatures need to move quickly to get out of sunlight, meaning they're going to have greater Agility. An above average Intelligence score is also important for knowing how to find water and track food sources. Desert creatures are lacking in Strength because they don't need to mold the environment to their purposes, and their Body isn't as high because desert life takes a toil on physical conditioning.

  • Agility: +2. Maximum Cap: +4 to Agility cap
  • Body: -1. Maximum Cap: -2 to Body cap
  • Intelligence: +1. Maximum Cap: +2 to Intelligence cap
  • Strength: -2. Maximum Cap: -4 to Strength cap

Skills Edit

A creature that cannot find water in the desert dies quickly; therefore, all Desert creatures get a bonus to Tracking checks. Perception and Stealth are useful for hunters using brush to hide from and spot potential prey, while prey need Deduction to tell if pack-hunters are planning on coordinating attacks against them. There aren't many physical obstacles that can hinder a Desert creature's movements, so most aren't too good at contorting their bodies to escape grabs or entangles.

  • Skill Bonus: +1d6 Tracking
  • Skill Penalty: -1d6 Contortionist

Traits Edit

All Desert creatures have Terrain Mastery for desert environments, and most spend an additional 5 character points to expand how long they can survive without water. Directional Sense can help migrating herds to find water sources, and pack hunters use Out-Flank to improve their coordination.

  • Bonus Trait: Terrain Mastery (Desert)

Flaws Edit

Life in the wasteland is experienced one moment at a time; water consumes the thoughts of most Desert creatures, and they will ignore potential predators if it means getting a drink. This makes them fairly Short-Sighted compared to other creatures.

  • Bonus Flaw: Short-Sighted

Recommended Abilities Edit

Enhanced Senses for penetrating and telescopic smell goes a long ways towards finding water, and many predators invest in Drains versus Agility to prevent their prey from running away. Run is also popular for cover more ground more quickly, making migrations towards water sources manageable.

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