Disguise allows character to keep people from recognizing them by altering the appearance or voice.

  • Primary Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Time to Perform: 1 minute for a basic disguise, 1 or more hours for a complex Disguise

Characters can use Disguise in order to hide their identity. A good disguise isn't just about changing one's appearance; it's about also about posture, language, and personality, and a character who cannot also change any of these will give themselves away very quickly. When disguising themselves, the character rolls their Skill dice and makes note of the total. If they interact with someone, or someone attempts to interact with them, the other character makes a Perception check. If their perception is higher than the opponent's Disguise check, they see through the disguise.

  • If the character has an hour or more to prepare their disguise, they receive a 1d6 Advantage on their roll. Characters with the Morph Power gain an Advantage die when they attempt to mask their identity.