Drains temporarily lower an enemy's stats

  • Sources: Natural, Prana, Primal, or Psychic
  • Target: One creature within range
  • Duration: 1 Round, +1 time increment for 5 Base Points
  • Range: 5m per 1 Base Point
  • Cost: 4 Base Point per 1d6 effect dice versus one Base


  • Available Additional Effects: All except Persistent
  • Characteristics Bonus: Duration is doubled for every 5 Body, Charisma, Ego, or Intelligence

A character attempts to lower one of their target's base characteristics. Following a successful Accuracy roll versus the target's Dodge, the character rolls their effect dice. That total, minus the target's Power defense, is subtracted from the Drain's targeted Base Characteristic. The only way to get rid of a Drain before its duration expires is to use Boost, in which case the Drain is nullified for as long as the character applying Boost Maintains the Power, or to Dispel the Drain, which gets rid of it immediately.

To simplify the process for adjusting Derived Characteristics, players can refer to the following to find out what is reduced by Drain:

  • Agility: -1 Dodge per 2 Agility, -1 Speed per 4 Agility
  • Body: -1 Resistance and Toughness per 2 Body, -2 Health per 1 Body, -1 Stamina per 2 Body
  • If a character runs out of Health while affected by a Body Drain, they fall unconscious and only die if they receive damage equal to their original Health.
  • Charisma: -1 Discipline per 2 Charisma
  • Dexterity: -1 Dodge per 2 Dexterity, -1 Speed per 4 Dexterity
  • Ego: -1 Resistance and Willpower per 2 Ego, -2 Stamina per 1 Ego
  • Intelligence: -1 Willpower per 2 Intelligence
  • Strength: -1 Toughness per 2 Strength

If a character runs out of Stamina while affected by a Body or Ego Drain, they fall unconscious. However, once the Drain wears off, they regain consciousness and the Stamina lost by the Drain.

For every 5 Body, Charisma, Ego, or Intelligence, Drain's duration is doubled.

  • For Example: Tathafien develops a Drain for 2d6 Strength and has a base duration of 1 minute, chooses Prana as a source, and has 10 Charisma. His Charisma allows his Drain's duration to be multiplied by 4, leading to a total duration of 4 minutes.

Source-Specific Effects:

  • Natural: Natural Drains cannot take Limitations and are limited to a range of Touch, but they cannot be Dispelled.
  • Psychic: Psychic Drains target Discipline on Accuracy checks instead of Dodge

Example Edit

Mind Drain: The character weakens their opponent's mind to make more vulnerable to mental attacks.

  • Base Power: Drain, -2d6 Ego and Intelligence for minutes. Base Points: 21
  • Source: Psychic
  • Target: One creature
  • Duration: 1 Round, doubled for every 5 Ego
  • Range: 50 ft
  • Additions: Range (Doubled, no Range Modifiers). Total Cost Increase: +11
  • Limitations: Charges (8), Implement (Acc). Total Cost Reduction: -24
  • Total Active Points/Actual Point Cost: 32/8

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