Driving represents the character's skill in operating various vehicles.

  • Primary Characteristic: Agility
  • Time to Perform: As part of a Movement

When operating a vehicle with which they proficiency, the character must make Driving checks during combat to not lose control of their vehicle. The Drive check's Difficulty is dependent on the complexity of what the character wants to do.

Task Difficulty
Attack a creature or activate a Power while driving 21
Non-verbal communications with another creature 7
Perform a second task while driving 21
Drive safely over poor road conditions 18
Keep control while the vehicle is being attacked 11, + Health damage dealt to the vehicle
Driving safely while impaired by mind-altering substances (alcohol, drugs, ect) 70

The Game Master can prompt characters driving vehicles to make additional checks as they see necessary, setting the Difficulty at an appropriate check. If a character loses control of their vehicle, what happens is entirely up to Game Master. Recommended options include swerving the left or right suddenly, crashing into an object and potentially destroying the vehicle, or causing the care to flip over and throw everyone inside around.