Eidetic Memory: The human memory is strong compared to other species, but they still forget things whether they want to or not. Those with Eidetic Memory, however, have perfect recollection of everything they have encountered, down to the most minute detail. This can cause some psychological issues, but it also means they can store vast amounts of information in their mind and recall it perfectly, though it may take a while for the character to sort through their memories.

  • Benefit: The character perfectly recalls everything they encounter, and they have Advantage on Skill checks related to processing information. Additionally, the character can substitute their Intelligence for their Agility when calculating their Dodge, but only against a single enemy's attacks at any one time; a character can choose to change what target this Trait applies to at the start of their turn, and they may not spend an action to change targets during a round.
    • For Example: Aran has Eidetic Memory and is fighting 2 enemies, one right next to him and one about 16 meters. He can read the movements of one his enemies at any given time, and he uses this advantage against one standing right next to him so he can dodge the melee attacker's blows more easily. However, the ranged attacker goes against Aran's normal Dodge, since he can only apply this Trait against one opponent at any given time.

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