Environmental Templates expand on the traits creatures need to specialize in particular environments. While multiple creatures can adapt to a particular environment in different ways, they will have a few common traits that must be considered essential to living in that space; creatures from cold environments all have to be more agile than city-dwelling creatures so they can traverse over snow more quickly, while urban creatures are going to be more charismatic so they can convince others to work with them.

Each Environmental Template features the following:

  • Adjustments to Base Characteristics needed for creatures to survive in their habitat. Like Species Templates, these adjustments also affect a character's maximum cap for Base Characteristics, albeit not as drastically.
  • A short list of recommended skills for surviving in the chosen environment, one skill with a 1d6 bonus, and one they get a -1d6 penalty on.
  • A Terrain Mastery Trait that corresponds to the habitat, as well as a Flaw to offset the benefit. In a campaign running under the Fixed-Point System, these Traits and Flaws do not count against the character's maximum total Traits and Flaws.
  • A short list of recommended Abilities, typically those with survival rather than combat purposes, to help adapt to the ecosystem.

The available Environmental Templates are:

  • Aquatic: The character lives mostly in the water, swimming through lakes, oceans, and rivers.
  • Arctic: The character lives towards the north or south poles, or similarly cold and snowy habitats.
  • Desert: The character lives in hot, dry climates like deserts and sand dunes.
  • Forest: The character is at home among the trees in jungles and evergreen groves.
  • Plains: The character is adapted for sprinting across prairies and steppes.
  • Mountain: The character manages a living in cliffs, crags, and hills.
  • Urban: The character specializes in city life, learning to live symbiotically with other creatures.

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