Extra Limbs grants the character additional appendages that fulfill multiple functions

  • Sources: Natural, Prana, Primal, or Psychic
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: Maintained
  • Range: Self
  • Cost: 5 Base Points per additional limb
  • Available Additional Effects: Charges, Dispel Resistance, Imperceptible, Persistent
  • Characteristics Bonus: None

The character creates or natural has additional limbs capable of various functions. The function and cost of each limb varies, and some must be bought in a pair to function properly.

The available Extra Limbs are:

  • Feet: An individual foot doesn't do anything, but two will double a character's Running Sprint speed and their effective Body when defending against Trip attempts. Additional legs past the first two do nothing
  • Fins: Characters with 2 fins gets a Sprint speed while swimming; an additional set of fins double the character's base swim rate.
  • Hands: The character has an appendage that can hold and manipulate objects as if were a hand. This limb need not be an actual hand; it can also be a prehensile tail, trunk, or another suitable limb that can manipulate objects.
    • If a character successfully Grabs an opponent, their extra arm can disable one additional limb.
  • Wings: A character with two wings doubles how far they can Leap and can purchase Natural Flight.

Source-specific effects:

  • Natural: Natural Extra Limbs cannot take Limitations, but they cannot be Dispelled, and they have a Persistent duration.

Examples Edit

Fish Fins: The character has webbed feet and fins to propel them more quickly through water.

  • Base Power: Extra Limbs, +2 Fins. Base Points: 10
  • Source: Natural Ability
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: Persistent (Natural Ability)
  • Range: Self
  • Additions: None. Total Cost Increase: +0
  • Limitations: None (Natural Ability). Total Cost Reduction: -0
  • Total Active Points/Actual Point Cost: 10/10

Force Tendrils: The character creates tentacles made of force to grab objects or limbs during a grapple.

  • Base Power: Extra Limbs, +4 Hands. Base Points: 20
  • Source: Prana
  • Target: Self
  • Duration: Maintained
  • Range: Self
  • Additions: None. Total Cost Increase:
  • Limitations: Implement (Inaccessible), Incantations (Activation). Total Cost Reduction: -8
  • Total Active Points/Actual Point Cost: 20/12

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