Extraordinary Powers are abilities far stronger than those normally available to players. These Powers have the ability to unbalance a campaign, and therefore players should not have access to them on the outset of a game without their Game Master's permission.

Included with the list of Extraordinary Powers are Extraordinary Additions, which can take normally balanced abilities and turn them into exceptionally strong powers. As with Extraordinary Powers, players should only take Extraordinary Additions with their Game Master's permission.

Extraordinary Powers Edit

The following abilities are considered Extraordinary Powers:

  • Alter Terrain: The character changes a physical aspect of their environment.
  • Conversion: The character absorbs kinetic energy from attacks to empower their Characteristics or Powers.
  • Damage Reduction: The character takes less damage than they ordinarily would from attacks.
  • Dig: The character shifts through the earth, moving underground and through unattended objects.
  • Enhance: The character expends energy to improve their Characteristics for an extended time period.
  • Extend: The character's body stretches like rubber to increase their reach.
  • Grip: The character sticks to objects, increasing their grab Strength and running across large objects as if they were normal ground.
  • Power Core: The character has a regenerating source of energy to provide Stamina for their Powers.
  • Reflect: The character can block and redirect ranged attacks.
  • Regen: The character continually regenerates Health.
  • Scan: The character uses their psychic link to sort through populations in search of particular creatures.
  • Summon: The character calls forth another creature to help them.

Extraordinary Additions Edit

The following are considered Extraordinary Additions:

  • Alternate Characteristic: The character replaces one of the Characteristics used for their Power's Accuracy checks and Characteristic bonuses.
  • Alternate Defense: The Power can target another defense than it's usually able to.
  • Alternate Target: The Power can affect a different target than it's usually able to.
  • Combined Power: 2 Powers are combined into one and activate at the same time.
  • Indirect: The attack comes from an unexpected angle and can bypass obstacles.
  • Leech: Some of the damage the attack deals heals the user.
  • Maintained: A power that normally has a set duration can now be Maintained.
  • Repeating: The Power lasts for multiple rounds without consuming additional actions or Stamina.
  • Swift: Activating the Power doesn't end the character's turn.

Extraordinary Limitations Edit

  • Linked: The character can only use the Power after another, pre-specified Ability is used.

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