Forests breed the greatest variety of creatures of any environment; they're natural hot-spots for life because both food and water are plentiful. Forest can be either hot and wet or cold and dry, and so Forest creatures can have either dense fur coats or light-weight hides.

Characteristics Edit

Forests benefit the strong and dexterous, as there plenty of obstacles to move through and break down. Because they don't have to worry as much about food or water, forest creatures lack the Stamina necessary to survive in other environments, and there's less need to be quick since trees get in the way of running.

  • Agility: -1. Maximum Cap: -2 to Agility cap
  • Body: -2. Maximum Cap: -4 to Body cap
  • Dexterity: +1. Maximum Cap: +2 to Dexterity cap
  • Strength: +2. Maximum Cap: +4 to Strength cap

Skills Edit

With more wild-life comes a greater concern for know what's poisonous and what isn't, and therefore all Forest creatures get a bonus to Knowledge skills regarding Nature to identify toxic plants and animals. Climb is common for tree-dwellers so they don't lose their grip in the canopy, hunters have the greatest chance of using Stealth to grab prey since there is so much cover, and the multitude of creatures that reside in colonies opens up opportunities to exploit Tactics. What Forest creatures are not good at is getting along with others outside of their species, since the forest is rife with competition over territory.

  • Skill Bonus: +1d6 Knowledge (Nature)
  • Skill Penalty: -1d6 Charm

Traits Edit

All forest creatures have Terrain Mastery over forest environments, and they'll get the most use from this Trait due to the greater number of natural obstacles. Forest dwellers from extremely hot or cold habitats typically have a second for either the Arctic or Deserts so they can cope with heat or frost.

  • Bonus Trait: Terrain Mastery (Forest)

Flaws Edit

Forests are full of danger, and therefore Forest creatures are more paranoid about danger than creatures from other environments.

  • Bonus Flaw: Paranoid

Recommended Abilities Edit

Creatures from the treetops need a high Jump speed to insure they can travel between branches with no chance of falling short. Natural Drains versus Body will help wear down an enemy, and they're particularly effective against other forest dwellers that are already lacking in Health and Stamina.

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