The Giant Template describes anyone who unusually taller than a standard member of their species. A couple of inches or centimeters won't make different in muscle capacity or movement control, but an extra foot or two will severely impact a person's sense of balance and physical strength.

  • Height: Giants usually stand between 1.25 and 1.5 times taller than a usual member of their race. For humans, anyone between 7 feet, 4 inches and 8 feet, 9 inches (2.24 and 2.67 meters) qualifies as a giant.
  • Weight: Giants weight anywhere between double and 2.25 as much as a normal sized specimen of their species. Human giants on the lower end of the spectrum weigh between 203 and 275 pounds (92 and 125 kilograms), and the tallest weight between 290 and 392 lb (132 and 178 kg).

Characteristics Edit

Characters with the Giant Template receive the following changes to their Base Characteristics:

  • Strength: +3. Maximum Cap: +6 Strength.
    • Being taller means having a greater capacity for muscle, hence the higher Strength cap.
  • Dexterity: -3. Maximum Cap: -6 Dexterity.
    • The taller someone is, the less suited they are towards tasks requiring fine motor controls. This is particularly true for giants, who have a hard time even standing without tripping over themselves.

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