Handle Animal represents how well a character interacts with animals and other feral creatures.

  • Primary Characteristic: Charisma
  • Time to Perform: Instant for a basic command, 1 minute to become friendly with an animal

Handle Animal functions like both Charm and Persuasion, except that it can only work against animals and creatures with animal-like intelligence. commands issued through Persuasion must be kept to a single line, as creatures susceptible to Handle Animal do not have the mental capacity to comprehend complex instructions. Characters with human-level intelligence don't respond well to others attempting to command them with Handle Animal.

Most animals start off Indifferent towards the target, though their state is dependent on the temperament of the animal and the conditions under which the character is attempting to Handle them; dogs that have been raised around humans all their lives might start out friendly, while a mother bear with cubs nearby will probably be Hostile. Creatures have their moods improved based on the following table:

Attitude Description Advantage/Disadvantage Difficulty to next stage
Worship The animal is wholly devoted to the character. +3d6 Advantage None
Love The animal has a strong attachment to the character. +2d6 Advantage 35
Like The animal is inclined to interact with the character. +1d6 Advantage 28
Indifferent The animal has no strong feelings towards the character. No Advantage or Disadvantage 21
Dislike The animal is in a poor mood around the character. -1d6 Disadvantage 28
Hatred The animal despises the character. -2d6 Disadvantage 35
Hatred The animal is inclined to assault the character. -3d6 Disadvantage 42

Characters can also use Handle Animal to get animals to perform tasks for them, with Difficulty being determined by the task's complexity.

Task Complexity Description Difficulty
Simple Task Do one thing for the character that can be described in a short phrase or sentence. 20
Reasonable Task Run a small errand for the character 24
Moderate Task Perform a simple series of tasks for the character 28
Unreasonable Task Complete a complicated task for the character. 32
Difficult Task Ask the target to do an obviously dangerous task. 36
Impossible Task Request something the character cannot be reasonably expected to complete. 40