Imperceptible Powers have no visible or auditory effects

  • Cost: 1 Total Active Point per Sense per 3 Base Points
  • Details: The visible or auditory effects of the Power become imperceptible. Characters affected by the Power know they were affected and feel pain from damage, but they cannot tell what the effect looked like or sounded like unless they have an Enhanced Sense such as the ability to see energy to reveal where the Power is.
    • For Example: Willow wants to Maintain an Area of Effect Entangle as a trap for approaching enemies, but she doesn't want them to see what area is Entangled. To make it an effective trap, she makes it impossible to see, expecting enemies to walk into the middle of her Entangle.
  • Characters can purchase Imperceptible effects for their Power multiple times, but they must define at least one way in which the Power can be perceived each time they do so, though the condition is subject to the Game Master's approval. The point of Imperceptible effects is to make the user to be more difficult, but not impossible, to track.

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