The Power requires a physical object to be cast through. Implements come in 3 varieties: Accessible Implements, Inaccessible Implements, and Material Components.

  • Accessible Implements are those that are either held or easily taken away from the character. Characters can use the Disarm maneuver and possibly the Sleight of Hand skill to take away the Implement as an Action, the Implement can be destroyed, and if the Implement is a held item, it drops to ground if the character is ever knocked unconscious.
    • Examples include necklaces, weapons, or backpacks.
    • Accessible Implements reduce the Power's Actual Point Cost by 2 per 5 Total Active Points
  • Inaccessible Implements are worn objects that require more than one Action to remove from the character. Characters cannot remove an Inaccessible Implement from their target if the target is capable of fighting back, but the Implement can be destroyed.
    • Examples include clothes, earrings, and rings.
    • Inaccessible Implements reduce the cost by 1 per 5 Total Active Points.
  • Material Components are consumed as part of activating the power. The character must hold the component in their hands at the time of activating the power, meaning an enemy can use Disarm maneuvers or Sleight of Hand to take the component away like an Accessible Implement. Unlike an Accessible Implement, the Material Component cannot be reused, requiring the character to find more of the Implement before activating the Power again if they run out.
    • Examples include dust, food, liquids, and pills.
    • Material Components don't have to be applied to Powers fueled by Charges, but Charges will let the character refresh their supply of Components every day that they have 1 hour to spend preparing them, presuming the character is carry the instruments they need to create the Components. This does not let the character stockpile charges over more days to activate the power whenever they want.
      • Material Implements cannot have caches to increase the number of Charges.
    • Material Implements reduce the Actual Point Cost by 1 per 2 Total Active Points.

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