The Power requires a verbal component when being activated. In order to activate the Power, the character must be capable of speaking a pre-determined phrase.

  • When reciting the Incantation, the character must speak the phrase in a loud and clear voice, making no mistake as to who is activating the power. The user automatically breaks from Stealth, and their location is revealed if they are Invisible (if the game is taking place on the map, every character with line of sight to the user's hex or square knows where the voice came from, though they will still suffer Disadvantages for attacking an Invisible character).
  • A character cannot use a Power with Incantations if they are incapable of speaking audibly. If a character is Invisible to sound, their Incantation is still audible to everyone around them.
  • A power cannot be Imperceptible to sound and require Incantations to activate, as the Incantation becomes a sound component for the Power.
  • Incantations reduce the Actual Point Cost by 1 per 5 Total Active Points; if the Incantation must be repeated throughout the duration of a Power with a duration longer than Instant, the reduction is doubled.
    • If the character has to continuously speak the Incantation, and the Power has a Persistent Duration, the character only has to speak the Incantation for as long as they're actually using the Power.

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