If a character can physically change their form through a power or the special effects of a power, this Complication will cause this physical transformation to activate automatically under predefined conditions. If a character wants to take this complication, their transformation must have some negative consequences and occur at a potentially inconvenient time. The complication's value is based on how inconvenient both the form and the time are for the Involuntary Change.

Side Effects Edit

There are numerous side effects that someone who changes into another form involuntarily can suffer. The more serious the side effect, the more the Complication is worth.

Side Effect



No vocal cords


The character is incapable of speaking, though they can produce other noises such as barking, hissing, and howling as is fitting for their form.

No physical similarity


If a character approaches someone they know while in this form, the other person will not know its them unless the character has informed them that its them somehow.

No memories


The character has no memory of any actions they take while transformed, no does their alternate form have any memory of the fact they are transformed and not the original form. Game Masters may use this against the character by having their character complete tasks without their knowledge, especially if the alternate form also has a different personality.

Different personality


The alternate form is effectively its own person with its own goals and preferences. Game Masters may role play out this separate personality themselves, though players are encouraged to do this themselves. In order for a character to take this addition to the Involuntary Change complication, the two personalities must be in conflict with each other in some way.

No hands


The alternate form doesn't have normal hands with which to manipulate objects like a human.

Inconvenience Edit

The other factor for determining the worth of the complication is the circumstances under which the character is forced to transform. The more frequent and debilitating the time of transformation, the more valuable the complication.






The character's transformation occurs at a time that has absolutely bearing on the game.



The character transforms at a time with little bearing on the game, but could potentially come up once every 4 sessions or so.



The character's transformation triggers about once every other session, and rarely at time that benefits them.



The character transforms at least once a session, and almost never at an opportune time.

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