A Power that provides the user with defense or create objects with their own defenses have their defenses decreased or ignored when hit with certain categories of attacks.

  • This Limitation specifically applies to the following Powers: Armor, Boost, and Structure.

Physical and Energy attacks have their own subcategories, and Mental attacks are appear infrequently enough that they don't have any subtypes. The Power's Actual Point Cost is reduced depending on whether the defense is decreased or ignored, and how many attacks the defense is weak against.

  • If the Power's defensive value is halved, the limitation reduces the Power's cost by 1 per 5 Total Active Points.
  • If the Power's defensive value is ignored, the limitation reduces the Power's cost by 1 per 3 Total Active Points.
  • For every subcategory of attack the Power's defenses are ineffective against, the Actual Point Cost reduction for the defensive value's reduction is doubled.
  • Physical Attacks are classified as either Bludgeoning, Piercing, or Slashing attacks
  • Energy Attacks fall into the Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, or Force subtypes.

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