The best martial artists are those who can make use of everything in their surrounds as a weapon, whether it's swords, spears, or folding chairs. A Master of Improv can enhance their martial arts by using anything and everything around them as a club. Chairs, game controllers, decorations, toilets; it truly doesn't matter to them.

  • Benefit: The character can use any blunt object weighting more than half-a-pound as a club with their Martial Arts, regardless of whether their techniques have the Weapon Element addition or not. Game Masters and characters should use common sense when considering the durability of such objects; a hardened stick is going to last longer in combat than a glass bottle.
    • So long as they wield the improvised weapons, the character's Strike techniques deal an additional 2d6 damage.
    • The character is treated as having Basic Proficiency with any improvised weapon used with this Trait. However, the character can purchase this trait again to increase their proficiency with improvised weapons, up to a maximum of 4 ranks.    

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