The character suffers from some sort of mental disability that interferes with their daily life, such as a mental disorder and a debilitating phobia. Mental handicaps are not restricted to mental illnesses, though they can replicate the effects of disorders such as OCD or PTSD; handicaps can also represent self-enforced limitations such as a vow of non-violence or a refusal to back down. The value of the handicap is based on the severity of their condition and how frequently it's suspected to impact the game.

Condition Edit

The value of a Mental Handicap is based on how severely the condition affects the character. The more debilitating the condition, the more points for the disability. Conditions come in the following types.




Minor Phobia


The character is afraid of something, but can overcome their fear with relative ease. In the presence of the subject of which they are afraid, the character must succeed an Ego roll of 8 or do nothing that turn.

Major Phobia


The character is paralyzed at the sight of what they fear, and they have a difficult time regaining their bearings. If the character fails an Ego roll of 11, they do nothing for the turn.

Severe Phobia


The character is incapable of functioning in the presence of their phobia. If the character fails an Ego roll of 14, they do nothing for the entire turn and grant an Advantage to all Accuracy rolls against them.

Minor Disability


The character has difficulty completing a minor task and must pass an Ego roll of 8 to do it.

Major Disability


The character has to force themselves to complete a particular task, and even then they are unlikely to go through with the act unless they can pass an Ego roll of 11.

Severe Disability


The character is virtually incapable of doing a pre-defined action as a result of a mental block. If the character has to perform that action, they must complete an Ego roll of 15 to do so.

Minor Compulsion


The character wants to complete a small act when the opportunity to do so presents itself and must pass an Ego roll of 8 to stop themselves.

Major Compulsion


The character feels a need to perform a particular action and has difficulty stopping themselves. The character must make an Ego roll of 11 to willingly stop themselves.

Severe Compulsion


The character has to complete a task and will let nothing stand in their way of doing so if they fail an Ego roll of 15.

Frequency Edit

How often a character's Mental Handicap comes into play affects the value of the complication. The more often the handicap is exploited during the campaign, the more points the complication is worth.






The handicap is so specific that will almost never come in game.



The handicap is a minor annoyance, showing up once every 3 sessions.



The handicap is a consistent problem, coming into play every other session or so.



The condition is a constant problem coming into play every session.

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