The mountains are a difficult place to survive for any creature; the soil is too rocky for plants to grow, the weather is volatile, the air is thin, and there is the ever present danger of falling off a ledge. The creatures that can thrive here do so in spite of their environment, and they are all the tougher for it.

Characteristics Edit

Surviving in the mountains requires both Strength and Dexterity; characters need to move carefully to not upset any loose rocks on the side of a cliff they're climbing, and they need to carry lots of gear to make ends meet at high elevations. Creatures that take to the hills are typically loners, and they prefer much less complicated ways of life that come from so-called "civilized" and "learned" folk.

  • Charisma: -2. Maximum Cap: -4 to Charisma cap
  • Dexterity: +2. Maximum Cap: +4 to Dexterity cap
  • Intelligence: -1. Maximum Cap: -2 to Intelligence cap
  • Strength: +1. Maximum Cap: +2 to Strength cap

Skills Edit

Getting around in mountainous regions is a strain on one's intuition, and the naturally skeptical come with higher Deduction skills. Perception and Track help find workable paths through difficult terrain, and with plenty of large rock formations comes opportunities to develop Stealth techniques. What life on the edge does not engender is a sophisticated sense of strategy; being in constant danger of tumbling to one's death means having to think and react quickly, which leaves little time for planning.

  • Skill Bonus: +1d6 Deduction
  • Skill Penalty: -1d6 Tactics

Traits Edit

Mountain creatures always come with Terrain Mastery for their habitat, and they need the protection from falling to avoid tumbling off cliffs dozens of meters high. Crags and hills get chilly, so a second Terrain Mastery for Arctic conditions lets the character move across ice and snow unhindered while protecting them from cold weather.

  • Bonus Trait: Terrain Mastery (Mountains)

Flaws Edit

Life in the hills gets lonely, and most Mountain creatures prefer it that way. They're naturally aloof and avoid contact with other beings whenever possible.

  • Bonus Flaw: Aloof

Recommended Abilities Edit

Cliff-faces don't always have convenient hand-holds within reach, so a Jump Power can help the character get around more easily. Having elevation over an opponent means they cannot reach the character as quickly, so a Blast power for attacking at a distance is huge tactical advantage.

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