Some people are naturally heavy set compared to others; there's nothing wrong with this so long as the person has maintains a healthy diet, but it can reflect a more sedentary lifestyle. Often, overweight characters are so because they put more importance on sharpening their minds than their bodies, and while younger people who are overweight are commonly bullied, adults usually have a health sense of self and are secure in their body image.

  • Weight: It doesn't take much for a character to be considered overweight. There isn't a clear percentage difference between "healthy" and fat people; a human can be anywhere from 5 to 30 pounds (2.27 and 13.6 kilograms) overweight before people starting noticing they're fat. Certainly, anything over 30 pounds qualifies someone as overweight.
    • Short Version: Anything above a person's healthy weight range qualifies them as overweight.

Characteristics Edit

The Overweight Template applies the following changes to Base Characteristics:

  • Agility: -3.
    • Fat gets in the way of movement and lowers a person's threshold for flexibility, hence the decrease in Agility.
  • Body: -2.
    • It's possible to be fat and in shape (take for example the wrestler Kevin Steen, working now as Kevin Owens for the WWE), but being overweight is going to tax someone's endurance more than being underweight.
  • Ego: +2
    • Being overweight is going to draw negative attention, but those who stay at a consistantly high weight eventually become comfortable with their image, certainly more than most underweight persons.
  • Intelligence: +3
    • Being overweight itself isn't necessarily intelligence, but it can reflect someone who spend more time learning and engaging in mentally stimulating tasks.

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