Perception represents how well a character can observe their environment and find hidden objects.

  • Primary Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Time to Perform: Instant

Perception comes up whenever the player wants to oppose a Stealth or Sleight of Hand check, and it requires no action to use. If a character has attempted to hide an item using Sleight of Hand, someone else can use Perception to find the hidden item. If a character is hiding using Stealth, someone else can use can use Perception to find their exact location.

Perception checks are subject to range modifiers, as described under Gameplay. Basically, for every range increment outside of a character's normal viewing range the object or creature they're trying to spot is, the roll suffers 1 Disadvantage. Range increments are as follows:

Distance in Meters 1-10m 11-30 31-60 61-100 101-150 151-210 211-280 281-360
Distance in Spaces 1-5 6-15 16-30 31-50 51-75 76-105 106-140 141-180

Unless modified otherwise by Powers or equipment, characters can see within the first increment without issue.