Powers that aren't Persistent can have their durations increased so the player doesn't have their Power deactivate if they're knocked out.

  • Cost: 1 Total Active Point per 5 base Points
  • Details: The character's Maintained Power goes up to being a Persistent Power. The character still has to pay a Stamina cost to keep the Power active, but they won't take Accuracy or Dodge penalties for Maintaining another Power, and it won't deactivate if the character is Stunned or Unconscious.  

What's the difference between this Addition and the persistence of Natural Abilities?

  • The Persistent Advantage and the Persistent duration listed in the description of each power's traits are not the same thing, though they have similar mechanics. When a Power is listed as a Natural Ability, what it's referring to is the description at the beginning of the Powers chapter, listed under Duration. That version of persistent does not require the character to pay Stamina to keep the power active. What this Advantage is for is to let Prana, Primal, and Psychic fueled Powers to stay active while the character is not in battle, and as described above, there is a Stamina cost attached to it.  

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