Persuasion is a character's ability to convince others of their point of view or complete tasks for them.

  • Primary Characteristic: Charisma
  • Time to Perform: As part of an Interaction

If a character makes a request of someone that they might not be willing to do, the Game Master can force the player to make a Persuasion check. How willing the target is to do a task for the character is dependent upon how not just on well they like the character, but upon the complexity of the task and how much that will inconvenience the character. Aside from Advantages or Disadvantages granted by the target's attitude, characters will receive additional bonuses or penalties based on the circumstances in which they request a task of their target.

Task Complexity Description Difficulty
Simple Task Do one thing for the character that can be described in a short phrase or sentence. 20
Reasonable Task Run a small errand for the character. 24
Moderate Task Perform a simple series of tasks for the character. 28
Unreasonable Task Complete a complicated task for the character. 32
Difficult Task Ask the target to do something they would ordinarily never do. 36
Impossible Task Request something the character cannot be reasonably expected to complete. 40

Advantage/Disadvantage Chart

Condition Advantage/Disadvantage
The request is something the target is already inclined to do. +1d6 Advantage
The request is mutually beneficial to the target. +1d6 Advantage
The request agrees with the target's personality or Complications +1d6 Advantage
The character includes a sufficient bribe with the request. +1d6 Advantage
The request inconveniences the character in their current activities. -1d6 Disadvantage
The request obviously endangers the target physically, mentally, or socially. -1d6 Disadvantage
The request disagrees with the target's personality or Complications. -1d6 Disadvantage
The target sees no compelling reason to complete the task. -1d6 Disadvantage

Persuasion isn't a form of mind control with guaranteed results; characters can choose not to follow through with the task if it turns out to conflict with their personality, if they think they are being tricked, or if something distracts them or convinces them not to follow through with the request. Persuasion is also no replacement for Charming or Intimidating people; characters can be compelled to do something for someone even if they don't particularly like or fear the person making the request.