The character suffers a physical disability that constantly hampers them. Physical handicaps differ from other complications in that they are constantly affecting the character instead of just showing up circumstantially, and how much the complication is worth depends on how debilitating the condition is.




Bad Arm

5, or 20 for both

1 or more of the character's arms don't function properly, if they have arms at all. The character can't hold any items in their hand, and, if they take the complication for both arms, they can't use any items that take up the Hand or Wrist slots.

Bad Leg

5, or 20 for both

1 or both of the character's legs are non-functional, hampering their movement. If one leg is bad, the character's land speed is halved if they don't move with a vehicle. If both legs are bad, the character cannot move at all without a vehicle, and they cannot use Foot slot items.

Blind Eye

5, or 20 for both

One or both of the character's eyes are blind, hurting their depth perception or making them incapable of seeing. If a character has one bad eye, they suffer a Disadvantage on all ranged attacks, and Disadvantages based on range are doubled. If both of the character's eyes are bad, they are effectively blind and must have an alternate means of sensing their environment that doesn't rely on sight.

Damaged Lungs


The character's cardiovascular system is compromised, halving their maximum Endurance.

Deaf Ear

5 per ear

One or both of the character's ears are deaf, hurting their perception. If one ear is deaf, they suffer a Disadvantage on all Perception checks based on hearing. If the character is completely deaf, they automatically fail all hearing-based Perception checks.

Sensitive to Pain


The character's pain receptors are unusually sensitive, meaning all Stamina damage that gets through the character's Defense is multiplied by a quarter.

Weak Heart


The character cannot suffer a whole lot of shock before it gives out, halving their maximum Health.

Weak Immune System


The character is unusually susceptible to illness and poisons, increasing the effectiveness of abilities based on them by half.

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