Profession is character's aptitude in performing specific jobs

  • Primary Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Time to Perform: Instant, as part of an Interaction, or 1 or more Hours (See Description)

Profession is similar to Knowledge skills in that it isn't one in and of itself and instead a category of skills addressing a similar purpose. Whereas Knowledge skills address theoretical applications, Professions are more about practical trades such as engineering, crafting, or practicing a sport. The more complex the task that the character wants to tackle using their Profession, the higher the Difficulty and the more time it will take to perform.

Category Description Time required to perform Difficulty
Basic Tasks Create improvised tools, briefly patch up broken objects 1 turn to 1 round 9-10
Simple Tasks Complete short term repairs, play a sport compentently 1 round to 1 minute 11-17
Complex Tasks Complete moderately difficult repairs, create simple art projects, or play a sport very well 1 minute to 1 hour 18-24
Intricate Tasks Spend a day on a project requiring fine details, or play a sport locally at a professional level. 1 hour to 1 day 25-31
Challenging Tasks Work for more than 8 hours on a multi-day project, or play a sport at a nationally professional level 1 day to 1 week 32-38
Long-Term Projects Complete tasks requiring more than a week of effort, or play a sport at a globally professional level. 1 week or more 39+