Range Advantages increase how effectively the Power works at a distance.

  • Cost: See possible Effects
  • Details: The character modifies the range of their Power to make it more effective at a distance or change how the range is determined. The possible effects are as follows:
    • Increased Range: For 1 Total Active Point per 5 Base Points, the character doubles their Power's range.
    • Thrown: For 1 TAP per 5 Base Points, their Power's range is determined not by the Base Points of their Power, but on the character's Strength. This Addition can only be purchased for Powers requiring an Implement, and how far they can throw their Focus determines the range of their Power.
    • Ranged: For 1 TAP per 5 Base Points, a Power that normally requires physical contact between the user and their target can now works at a distance of 5 meters per 2 Base Point.
      • If a character buys this Addition for their Power, they cannot then take the Range Limitation for half range, though they can take another addition to extend the range.
    • No Range Modifiers: For 1 TAP per 3 Base Points, the Power doesn't suffer any range modifiers, no matter what distance it's being used at.  

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