Rapid Fire lets the power activate multiple times in 1 turn.

  • Cost: 1 Total Active Point per 3 Base Points per extra use
  • Details: For 1 TAP per 3 Base Points per additional use, the character can activate the Power multiple times a turn. Every use costs Stamina or consumes Charges at its normal rate, and attacks are subject to the same defenses, but the Power otherwise functions as normal. Every attack after the first suffers a -2 penalty to the Accuracy check.
    • For Example: Aran has a Rapid Fire Blast and uses it to fire 3 attacks at a target. The Power is based on a 20 Total Active Points, so he pays 2 Stamina per shot for a total of 6 Stamina damage to himself upon activating the Blast. He rolls 3 Accuracy checks versus his target's Dodge; the first occurs at full Accuracy and hits, the second suffers a -2 to hit and misses, and the third takes a -4 penalty to Accuracy but hits thanks to a high roll.

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