People can master techniques for quickly processing information, gaining full understanding of texts they have read in as much as a 16th of the time and notice 16 times as many details in their surroundings. This lets them cut research time significantly while not impacting retention, search areas more quickly, and keep track of more enemies during combat without getting distracted.

  • Benefit: The character can read twice as fast as a normal person, allowing them to cut the time needed to research subjects related to Skills in half. For an additional character point, and every point there after up to 8 Character Points, the character's reading speed doubles, up to a maximum of 16 times faster. This cuts the time necessary to perform reading-oriented skills by half.
    • Aran encountered an exceptionally tough monster from another dimension that he was forced to run away from. Now in the safety of a library, he has a chance to research his enemy, using his Knowledge about other planes of existence, and gain an upperhand against them should he encounter that foe again. This is an exceptionally rare creature that would normally take a month to properly research, but because he has has Rapid Processing, the research only takes Aran 2 weeks to complete.   
  • Additionally, the character is less easily distracted during combat and can keep better track of their opponents. The initial 5 Character Points spent on Rapid Processing reduces the penalty on Perception checks as a result of the Performance skill by 1d6 and grants the character a 1d6 bonus to Deduction checks to oppose Tactics checks for their opponent's coordinated attacks. Every point thereafter, up to a maximum of 8 Character Points, reduces the Perception penalty by 1d6 and increases the Deduction bonus by 1d6.
    • For example: Aran is fighting 3 opponents; one is attempting to distract him using Performance, one is attempting to sneak up on him. and one is engaging him directly and coordinating his attacks with the stealthing character. Aran has bought a single level of Rapid Processing, and has both Deduction and Perception as skills. The opponent distracting him with Perform rolls high enough on their check to reduce his Perception by 1d6, which is neutralized by his Rapid Processing. This allows his Perception check to beat the second enemy's Stealth check, and his boosted Deduction surpasses both of the attackers' Tactics checks, giving them no bonuses on Accuracy rolls against him.   

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