Rope Trick represents the character's skill at tying knots and handling rope. The character works with a piece of rope to create knots, secure objects together, and restrict the movement of other creatures.

  • Primary Characteristic: Dexterity
  • Time to Perform: 1 round

Rope Tricks can function as either a Grapple or an Entangle. If used as Grapple, the character's skill roll replaces their Strength check to initiate the Grapple. When used as an Entangle, the dice the character rolls for their Rope Trick becomes the Hit Points of the Entangle, while the rope's toughness acts as the Physical and Energy Defense.

  • In order to use the rope as a Grapple, the character must pre-prepare their rope as a lasso and make a successful Accuracy check as a ranged attack versus the target's Dodge. When used as an Entangle, the character must spend an entire round binding the target's limbs; this process can be interrupted by the target moving out of the space where they are being Entangled or if the character performing the Rope Trick being attacked.