Being skinny in UTTAS doesn't just mean being on the lower end of a healthy weight spectrum; it's being under a normally healthy weight range. Society conditions people to think that being slim is better for them than being overweight; and while that's true to the extent that obesity increases a person's chances of cancer and heart disease, staying underweight can take a toll on someone's mental stat, developing into an obsession while bringing about an entirely different set of physical health problems.

  • Weight: Anything under a person's healthy weight range for their height qualifies a character for the Skinny Template. It isn't so much weight loss that is the problem with being underweight, but rather a lack of nutrients and needing calories to maintain bodily functions. A healthy character with the Skinny Template in UTTAS probably shouldn't be more than 1.15 times lighter than the lowest possible score for their healthy weight range; for a 5 feet, 10 inch tall male (1.78 meters) for example, that would be around 112 pounds (51 kilograms).

Characteristics Edit

The Skinny Template modifies the following Base Characteristics:

  • Agility: +2
    • Being lighter means having less weight to slow someone down, and therefore the person can run faster.
  • Dexterity: +2
    • With a less body fat to get in the way, a skinny person typically has greater control over their movements. Hence, the Skinny Template increases Dexterity.
  • Ego: -2
    • Because of societal pressures on being thin, underweight people can be more insecure about their body image than overweight people, resulting in less Ego.
  • Strength: -2
    • Part of being underweight means having less muscle to protect the body and carry objects, justifying a lower Strength score.

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