Sleight of Hand The character's ability to perform tricks and obscure the location of objections.

  • Primary Characteristic: Dexterity
  • Time to Perform: As part of an Interaction

Sleight of Hand serves three purposes: hiding objects on the user's person, taking an object from another character without their knowledge, or slipping something into another character's possession. In any of these cases, the character rolls their Sleight of Hand check versus their potential target's Perception.

  • If someone is attempting to find an object hidden on the character's person and rolls a lower Perception than the character's Sleight of Hand, the object goes unnoticed.
  • If the character is attempting to either take an item from or insert something on the person of another creature, the target gets an immediate Perception check. If their roll is lower than the character's Sleight of Hand, the object's is either taken or inserted on the character's person.

When attempting to take an object, the object must be held loosely on the target's person. Players cannot use Sleight of Hand to remove securely-fastened clothes (like boots, although they could use Sleight of Hand to untie the target's shoe-laces) or disarm opponents if they are tightly holding the object; for the later option, characters must use the Disarm maneuver.

Sleight of Hand by itself does not allow characters to pick-pocket people without them noticing, To do that, the player must make a Stealth check prior to the Sleight of Hand check, and they are subject to the same limitations using Stealth for this task as are applicable for standard uses for the skill.

  • For Example: Tathafien sees someone fiddling with a watch and wants to take it. He can walk straight up to the target and just use Sleight of Hand to take it, but the person would notice and probably either try to take it back or call for police to arrest him. He doesn't want to raise unnecessary trouble, so Tath waits for the target to stand up, put the watch in their pocket, and walk away. He uses Stealth to approach the target without them noticing, and then Sleight of Hands the watch after he's sure they won't notice him.