Streetwise represents a character's ability to navigate the criminal underworld and find illegal services.

  • Primary Characteristic: Charisma
  • Time to Perform: As part of an Interaction, or 1 or more Hours for investigations

When performing Streetwise, the character hits the street and starts asking around about local issues or resources, such as unadvertised gatherings, recent crimes, and dealers of illegal products. Streetwise isn't just about knowing where to search for information; it's about knowing how to interact with people on the street and deal peacefully with criminals. Such gathering of information need not be limited to talking to people in person; settings with equivalents to the Dark Net can scour the deepest recesses of the Internet in search of criminal activity as well.

How long it takes to use Streetwise is dependent on the obscurity of the information the character is looking for, as listed on the following table.

Obscurity Description Time required to research Difficulty
Basic Events and sources that are universally known by the city's inhabitants. 1 to 5 minutes 9-10
Common Popular, reoccurring events, or easily tracked criminal activity. 5 to 30 minutes 11-17
Uncommon Events advertised solely through word of mouth. 30 minutes to 1 hour 18-20
Obscure Events and criminal sources that go out of their way to hide their existence. 1 hour to 1 day 21-27
Covert Events and criminal sources that masterfully mask their existence. 1 or more days 28-34

Characters can modify the Difficulty of a Streetwise check by spending more or less time researching their topic.

  • If the character treats the information they want to gather as one stage more obscure, they can decrease the check's Difficulty by 5.
    • For Example: Tathafien has some stolen goods he needs to liquidate, and the only thing that can help him do that is a fence with connections to buyers interested in his goods. He knows a trustworthy fence purposefully makes their presence Obscure to keep attention away from authorities, but he treats their operation as Covert when he searches for 2 days instead of 1 to insure he's getting a good broker and not someone working for the city guard. This lowers the Difficulty he has to meet from 27 to 22.
  • If the character wants to find information more quickly, they can do so by increasing their Streetwise check's difficulty by 5.
    • For Example: Tathafien thinks the people he stole from are hot on his tail, so he needs to get rid of his goods and get out of town faster than he anticipated. He lowers the time he has to search from 1 day to 1 hour, increasing the Streetwise check's difficulty for finding a fence from 27 to 32.

Knowing how to search for information with Streetwise isn't the same as guaranteeing access, particularly in the case of criminal enterprises that don't want to be found. Players might only get the name of a person who knows where to find the information they want, and such characters might require compensation for their help.