Some people know how to present themselves better than others, and it shows through the use of Striking Appearance. A character with Striking Appearance can modify how they look to other character given as little as 1 hour of preparation time, giving them an edge with Interaction checks made to influence other people.

  • Benefit: The character can choose to alter their appearance to fit in a specified theme, such as Good Looking, Intimidating, or Majestic. When they take on this appearance, they gain an Advantage to Interaction Skill checks that make use of their appearance.
    • For Example: Tathafien has Striking Appearance and is heading into a situation where he needs to Charm someone. He takes an hour to clean himself up and put on some appealing clothes, giving a Handsome appearance. When he meets the person he wants to Charm, he gets an Advantage on his check because he took time to make himself as sexy as possible. He would not get this bonus on Intimidation checks, since his looks aren't suited for it.

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