Telekinesis propels an object or a nearby creature in a designated direction

  • Sources: Prana, Primal or Psychic
  • Target: One object or creature
  • Duration: Instant or Maintained
  • Range: 10 meters per 5 points of Telekinetic Strength
  • Cost: 3 Base Points per 2 Telekinetic Strength, +10 Base Points for Fine Control
  • Available Additional Effects: Area of Effect, Armor Piercing, Charges, Imperceptible, Penetrating, Rapid Fire, Range Advantages, Selective
  • Characteristics Bonus: +2 Telekinetic Strength per 5 Charisma, Ego, or Intelligence

The character picks up an object or creature without the use of their hands and moves it in a designated direction. When a character uses Telekinesis, he gets 3 points of Strength per 2 base points spent on the Power, plus 2 Strength per 5 points in their Primary Characteristic. This Strength functions as an extra arm, except that it can only perform basic maneuvers. In order to function like a normal arm, the character needs to develop Fine Control over the Power, allowing them to use Martial Arts, Skills, and Weapons at a distance.

Telekinesis has the following limitations dictating its use:

  • The character needs a line of effect between themselves and the object they want to lift or strike. This line need not be straight, but it should follow the shortest possible path and fall in the Power's range.
  • Damage from Telekinetic Strikes are assumed to be Physical damage with the Bludgeoning subtype.
  • Unless the character buys their Telekinesis with the Imperceptible Advantage, targets know if they've been hit by a Telekinetic Strike, and they can follow the line of effect.
  • Attacks with Telekinesis are subject to ranged modifiers.
  • Characters with Telekinesis are capable of lifting and moving other creatures or objects, but they cannot lift themselves or an object they're standing on with Telekinesis. For that, the character should take Fly.

A character using Martial Arts with Telekinesis cannot combine Martial Arts with Additional Effects such as Armor Piercing and Penetrating applied to Telekinesis, but Additions built into the Martial Art apply to damage from Telekinesis.

  • Example: Aran purchases Telekinesis with a 4 meter radius Area of Effect and Fine Control, and he has a Martial Arts grab. Aran can use the Grab maneuver as long as he only targets a single creature, but he cannot use it with the 4 meter radius Area of Effect.

Example Edit

Psychic Tether: The character uses the bond between themselves and their patron as an extra limb, striking enemies at a distance and lifting objects out of the character's normal reach.

  • Base Power: Telekinesis, 20 Strength, Fine Control. Base Points: 40
  • Source: Psychic
  • Target: One object
  • Duration: Maintained
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Additions: None. Total Cost Increase: +0
  • Limitations: Focus (Maintained), Implement (Accessible). Total Cost Reduction: -32
  • Total Active Points/Actual Point Cost: 40/8

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