Tracking is a character's knowledge in following trails and deducing where hidden enemies are.

  • Primary Characteristic: Intelligence
  • Time to Perform: As part of a Movement

When using Tracking the character attempts to follow their target's trail through deductive reasoning and perception. If a character attempts a Stealth check to hide, a character can attempt a Tracking check to follow their trail. If their check exceeds the target's Stealth, they can follow the target's trail right up to their location. If the character rolls within 5 of the target's Stealth, they can approximate their location within a 4 meter radius. If the character rolls 5 under the target's Stealth, they cannot follow the trail at all.

  • Tracking does not actually let the character see hidden targets; only Perception can do that. What Tracking can do is lead them to a target's space, letting them potentially attack blindly.