Urban living is a paradox; food is plentiful without being accessible, being constantly surrounded by others breeds both community and conflict, and landmarks are both conveniently placed and difficult to find do to the sheer density of objects in the environment. Getting around in the city requires an entirely different skill set to surviving in the wilderness, and in some respects it's just as challenging.

Characteristics Edit

A person can only thrive in an Urban setting with a strong sense of self, a willingness to interact with other creatures, and the smarts necessary to find what they need. It doesn't require much physical fitness or endurance, though.

  • Body: -2. Maximum Cap: -4 to Body cap
  • Charisma: +2. Maximum Cap: +2 to Charisma cap
  • Ego: +2. Maximum Cap: +4 to Ego cap
  • Intelligence: +1. Maximum Cap: +2 to Intelligence cap
  • Strength: -2. Maximum Cap: -4 to Strength cap

Skills Edit

Everyone needs a little bit of street-smarts to get around a city; knowing where to go, where not to go, and what places to lock a car door is the difference between living comfortably and ending up homeless in an alley. Interaction skills like Charm, Intimidate, and Persuasion all have a place in Urban environments, as does Deduction for telling what other people are thinking. What Urban life isn't is physically demanding, and city people can turn out clumsy as a result.

  • Skill Bonus: +1d6 Streetwise
  • Skill Penalty: -1d6 Acrobatics

Traits Edit

All Urban creatures start with Terrain Mastery for cities; one wouldn't think there would be much difficult terrain, but there's always garbage in the open, traffic blocking street crossings, and stairs to climb that can slow someone down. Striking Appearance gets more use in cities than other environments, as there's always a way someone can use their looks to influence how they're perceived.

  • Bonus Trait: Terrain Mastery (Urban)

Flaws Edit

Everyone comes to a city wanting something; fame, a job, or a more comfortable way of living are all desirable. Those most suited to Urban environments are especially vulnerable to the whims of their desires, as there's no satisfying someone who can get everything they want if it's all within reach.

  • Bonus Flaw: Greedy

Recommended Abilities Edit

Clairvoyance and Command get a lot of mileage in cities, where buildings obscure much from view and there are so many people to influence. Telepathy also gets more use in Urban environments than anywhere else, since knowing what someone is thinking is an advantage when negotiating.  

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