The character takes more damage from particular attacks, making certain types of enemies more dangerous than others to the character. The value of a Vulnerability is determined by what kinds of attacks the player is vulnerable to and how much extra damage they take.

Vulnerability Edit

Part of the complication's value is based on what kinds of attacks the character is vulnerable to; the more frequently the attack appears, the more valuable the complication is.




Rare substance or power source


The character can only be hurt by an exceedingly rare substance or source of power, so specific as to come up only if the character's enemies have done extensive research into the character’s history.

Uncommon substance or power source


The character is hurt by attacks of an unconventional source, something few characters would thing to equip themselves with or channel unless they know they are going to fight creatures vulnerable to that substance.

Common substance or power source


The character is hurt by something that appears frequently or can be replicated with little effort.

Infrequently appearing category of attacks


The character takes additional damage from attacks defended against by an unusual defense, such as Power Defense. These attacks usually don't deal Health or Stamina damage, hence their rarity, but these attacks can be constructed as attacks versus alternate defenses..

Broad category of attacks


The character is vulnerable to either Physical, Energy, or Mental attacks, all of which have a high likelihood of appearing in game.

Damage Edit

The damage a character takes from an attack they are vulnerable to is calculated before the character applies their defenses to the attack. The higher the multiplier for the damage, the more the complication is worth.

Damage Multiplier



One quarter extra


The character takes extra damage equal to a quarter of the original damage. Basically, the attacker multiplies their damage by 1.25 and puts that total against the character's defenses.

One half extra


The character takes 1.5 times as much damage from that attack as they would otherwise.

Three quarters extra


The character multiples the damage they would take from an attack by 1.75 before applying their defenses against it.

Double damage


Damage that affects the character's vulnerability is doubled before the character gets to apply any of their defenses against the attack.

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