The character has someone or something they need to take care of, and this subject comes up frequently enough as to interfere with the character's adventures. How much the complication is worth is based on the relative strength and usefulness of the Ward and how frequently they appear.

Strength and Usefulness Edit

The character's Ward has a number of character points relative to the character's own, and the larger this discrepancy, the more the complication is worth. If the Ward has any useful skills or can be called upon for help, the complication isn't worth as many points. Wards should be built by the Game Master and should not be available at the character's beck and call if they have useful skills, and Wards capable of holding their own in combat should be controlled by the Game Master.

Relative Power and Usefulness



As Powerful


The character's Ward has the same number of Character Points to be built off of as the character is.

Less Powerful


The character's Ward isn't as powerful as the character, possessing half of the character's Character Points



The character's Ward is a child or other subject vastly weaker than the character, built on a fourth of the player's character points

Never improves


The character's Ward never increases in power, leaving them just as strong as when the Game Master created them.

Has useful skills


The character's Ward has skills the character doesn't, allowing them to help the player out of combat.

Can fight effectively


The character's Ward is trained for combat and can defend themselves, making them easier to protect.

Appearance Frequency Edit

How often the character's ward shows up and factors into the game contributes to the complication's cost. The more often the character needs to take care of their Ward, the more the complication is worth.






The character's Ward only appears once every 4 sessions or so, hardly factoring into the game at all.



The character's Ward appears once every 3 sessions, being a small enough issue that the player only occasionally has to address them.



The character's Ward shows up every other session, meaning the player must attend to them often.



The character's Ward shows up every session, being a constant problem for the character to address.

How the character must take care of their Ward and the circumstances in which the Ward appears is up to the Game Master. Sometimes this will mean having to save them from a villain, and other occasions they will have to address a social problem the Ward encounters in their daily life.

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